Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nah Nah Nah Nah Live for today

The Grass Roots. Ever heard of them? Yeah, I know they're old school. If you haven't heard their song "Live for Today" go look it up on YouTube then come back. Just kidding. You can look it up later. Anyway, it's talking about how we should live for today and the future will take care of itself. I know that I'm supposed to be working on all sorts of goals, but doesn't it ever seem like it's easy to get lost in them? I have a hundred things I want to be working on. I want to exercise and eat better to lose my baby fat. I want to keep up on my Thai that I worked so hard to learn. I want to own my own home, finish my scrapbooks, cross-stich, get my christmas shopping done early, read X amount of books, finish my manuscript, get an agent, get published, write another book...AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!

I get so caught up in everything that I haven't done that I forget to stay in the present and enjoy the things that I am doing. It's so hard to stay in the present and work on my WIP when I'm already planning what I will say on my interview with Oprah about my long, arduous journey to fame. It's hard to enjoy the hilarious look on my son's face when I'm thinking about the laundry I'm going to do, the stomach fat I still need to work off, and the dinner that still needs to be cooked. I also find that I spend a lot of time worrying about things that haven't happened yet, but I have to plan out every possible response to every possible scenario. And then none of the practiced scenarios actually occur. I could have saved a lot of brain power.

How do you stay in the present and not get too caught up in the future?

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