Friday, November 1, 2013

Never Give Up!

I didn't realize it had been almost exactly three years since I last wrote on my blog. A lot has happened in that three years, and family takes priority. But here I am again. I have one more child than I did three years ago, changed jobs two times, and my husband is finally going to be done with school...sort of.

My last post I was shelving my WIP about a witch during the salem witch trials. It is no longer shelved. After not working on it for three years I was able to come at it with a fresh eye. I broke through the resistance and the work has become fresh, exciting, and new.

So my short message to you today is: Never Give Up
Things may stagnate and you may need a break. Work on a different idea, take a break from writing, do whatever inspires you. But never give up on something you know will be great.

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